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Robyn Hitchcock Sounds Refreshed on “The President (2020 Version)”


Robyn Hitchcock has really come alive as a solo artist. More so in recent years, his work has always been honest and straightforward. On his latest two song release he re-imagines his song “The President” with more current lyrics. While the lyrics ring more true here, the additional vocals from Emma Swift make the song more thrilling.


The acoustic strum of the song helps elevate the words that Hitchcock sings. The lyrics, obviously singing about the dumpster fire that is Donald Trump, hits especially hard. After a year bookmarked with radiant and rampant division, the song sounds well balanced with harmonized parts from Emma Swift. For the b-side “The Cross, The Dollar & The Gun” Hitchcock doesn’t relent on his feeling about what America seems to be all about. Played on acoustic, the words here are where you should focus as he’s on point from beginning to end.

The songs can be purchased as a seven inch vinyl from Tiny Ghost Records. They can also be purchased in all digital outlets including on Bandcamp, or streamed on all streaming sites. Robyn Hitchcock can be seen every Wednesday and Friday on StageIt. Tickets for the Wednesday streams are available here and the Friday streams can be purchased here.

Image Credits: Photo Courtesy of Highroad Touring.



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