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Foo Fighters Reveal Riff Heavy New Single


When it comes to big rock n’ roll bands, Foo Fighters are definitely up there with the largest. With a new album Medicine At Midnight coming in early February, all eyes are on the group as to what the new release will ultimately be. On New Year’s Eve the band dropped a new single “No Son of Mine” and it definitely lets you know that they aren’t done rocking just yet.

The song opens with hearty riffs and a waning run down the fret board. Dave Grohl’s vocals have a darkness to them while a backing vocal adds to the heaviness. The way the song rolls out has a heavier tone while not becoming metal. Almost like a Motorhead track, the song has all of the push without the darkened edges. It’s definitely a harder sound for the group though it’s also catchy and easy to head bang to.

The visual for the song can be viewed above. “No Son of Mine” can be streamed on all streaming platforms. Medicine At Midnight is available to presave or preorder directly from Sony Records before its February 05 release. Foo Fighters are set to tour beginning June 08 in Berlin, DE at Waldbuhne until July 30 at Osheaga Festival in Montreal, CA. Their tour dates can be found here

Image Credits: Photo Courtesy of Nasty Little Man.



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