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Aaron Frazer is Soulfully Unapologetic on New Album


Bands with two singers isn’t uncommon, especially when you’re one of two in the group Durand Jones and the Indications. Being one of two isn’t particularly trying unless you’re trying to find the words to describe the vocalist who isn’t the lead. While Aaron Frazer isn’t the lead vocalist in the band, his vocals definitely stand apart from any typical singer out there. With a new solo album Introducing… coming this Friday, Frazer sets himself apart from most with a falsetto that’s smooth as silk while helping carry the Dan Auerbach produced release.

The album opens with the Curtis Mayfield sounding soul of “You Don’t Wanna Be My Baby.” There’s something authentic to the sound of the track that pulls you in. It’s moderately paced, the instruments flow like fine wine and Frazer’s vocals draw you in with silky smoothness. Following with the catchy and Motown touched sounds of “If I Got It (Your Love Brought It).” The sincere flow of the vocals bop the track along while keys and brass sprinkle underneath the beat and the thick bass lines.

Yet as a track as solid as “Bad News” checks all of the boxes of what you want in your soul music, and “Have Mercy” has the pleas of a man down, the strong suit of the album is how this all fits together. The arrangements work perfectly, the songwriting is top notch and Frazer delivers the golden era of soul in a time where there’s not much soul left. With doo wop graces and legitimate notes from the right players, the album ascends higher than you may be expecting.

Songs like “Done Lyin’ ” peak above the typical between the backing vocals and a funky ass guitar lick, “Ride with Me” has just enough power behind the bass drum to groove you into another century and “Girl on the Phone” graces gospel and R&B together in a way that feels as authentic as it sounds. In fact, the entire album sounds like it could’ve come out fifty years ago and Frazer would be on par with artists of the era. And while “Over You” is about as perfect as a track can get it’s the swagger of the song “Can’t Leave It Alone” that we couldn’t stop swooning over. Between stabs of horns and the key blasts, Frazer sings like a front man on a mission while delivering a big band sound. The more solo parts of the song where his vocals take a more centered stage are brilliantly put together as the singer songwriter takes you into the stratosphere with a funky guitar and a backing band that could’ve played behind the greats of R&B, soul and funk. Introducing… has a lot going for it on paper, but the heart of the album is where the sorcery lies.

The videos can be seen above. Introducing is available to preorder on various formats and bundles from Dead Oceans/Easy Eye Sound before it releases this Friday. It can also be presaved on all streaming services or preordered from all online music stores.

Image Credits: Photo by Alysse Gafkjen.



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