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The Southern Charm of Buck Meek Comes Through on New Single


Buck Meek could be one of the best players to pick up a guitar. While this is sometimes hidden when he performs with his group Big Thief, it shines through and through on his solo releases. With a new album Two Saviors out next week, Meek has dropped the final single before the album gets revealed. With “Candle” his guitar prowess shines throughout while the video for the song offers a glimpse into his unique performing.

While the video appears to show Meek recording, the song is where the magic is. Between the southern sound of his vocals and the pedal steel, the track bops along with a mix of organ and acoustic to create a sound like no one else. The backing vocals give a bit more weight to the song, however the arrangements give way to a song that’s as full of a lover’s heart. Meek invents his own style between southern twang and indie rock while delighting your ears with delicate tones and a full sound that’s hard to dislike.

The video for “Candle” can be viewed above or on YouTube. The song is ready to listen to on all streaming sites. Two Saviors can be preordered on various formats from Keeled Scales before its January 15 release.

Image Credits: Photo by Robbie Jeffers.



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