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The Weather Station Offers Up New Single


The Weather Station‘s recent turn in sound has offered up a new way to experience their music. Of the songs we’ve written about we have found each intriguing and engaging in their own ways. With a new album Ignorance out in early February, their latest single “Atlantic” builds on their new sound while touching you at the same time.

The song has this immaculate build between synths and keys where the drums and these moments of woodwinds meet the vocals to craft a truly unique sound. The vocals are airy but the words contain a heft that makes the mix of the vocals and instrumentation hit harder. The video, shot primarily in the dark works well here where the softness of the overall tone can be the light. The sound is forward and on its own plane without feeling too out of bounds.

The video can be viewed above. “Atlantic” is ready to stream on all platforms. Ignorance can be preordered directly from Fat Possum Records before its February 05 release on various formats. The Weather Station is set to perform via live-stream on February 10 and 11. Ticketing details can be accessed here

Image Credits: Photo by Jeff Bierk.



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