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Kiwi Jr. Offers Up Catchy New Song


In the past we’ve brought you new music from Toronto’s Kiwi Jr. Always catchy and upbeat, their music offers indie rock tinged with post punk in a way that’s refreshing and forward. With their new album Cooler Returns announced for release in a few weeks, the band’s latest single “Waiting In Line” and its accompanying video remind you that the band is definitely on to something new with their sound.

The song is littered with hooks. From the keys to the guitar riffs, the song has an immediacy to it. Couple that with the vocals and an upbeat pacing and you have a song that’s difficult to ignore. The happy tones that intermingle with touches of post punk and college rock make for a song that you won’t be able to clear from your senses. The video of members playing around in a park is right on brand for the playful song.

The video is ready to view above. “Waiting In Line” can be heard on all streaming sites. Cooler Returns is ready to preorder on multiple formats from Sub Pop Records before its January 22 release date.

Image Credits: Photo by Laura-Lynn Petrick.



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