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Fall For The Stirring Honesty of BABEHOVEN


In the circles of singer songwriters out there, honesty is key in conveying what you’re singing about. Not calling out any one artist or another for not doing so, but sometimes it’s rather easy to tell how close to the emotions of the words the artist is. With BABEHOVEN you can tell that the artist is tied to the words in her lyrics so tightly that things could come undone at any moment. With a new EP titled Yellow has a pretty good reputation coming in a few weeks, her lead single “Dissociative Tally” makes our case firmly and unflinchingly.


There’s a real inward feel to the song. The vocals are at the top of the mix just above the acoustic guitar and the beat. While the vocals have the heft of someone singing into the void, the earnest tone of the song lends itself to a true beauty in how straight forward it is. The vocals are bare and left on their own without any treatment as the song meanders with harmonic matching in a way that stuns the moment it begins. Paired with backing vocals and a more upfront sound, the song is so weighted that you can’t help but fall for its organic tones.

The track can be heard above. Yellow has a pretty good reputation is available to preorder from Bandcamp ahead of its January 29 release. 

Image Credits: Photo by Max Ostrow.



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