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Ian Sweet Announces New Album and Delivers New Single


For a minute now California’s Ian Sweet has been dropping new singles while peaking ears as to what comes next. The artist’s sound is infectious while mixing indie rock with indie pop touches. The wait for what’s next is over as Sweet has announced a new album Show Me How You Disappear coming in March. The lead single “Drink The Lake” offers up a sound that’s as intriguing as it sounds and as cinematic as its accompanying video.

The video plays out along with the track with incredible narrative. The song opens with vocals and an acoustic together that draws your attention. The electronic beat keeps a mystery in your ears as the vocals open up more and deliver a build that gets better with each note played. As the instruments and the vocals get a bit louder, their powerful tones stick with you with plenty of hook filled measures. There’s an easy going sway here, though the track has a hushed energy that gets louder and louder as it plays.

The video is ready to view above or on YouTube. The song can be heard on all streaming platforms. Show Me How You Disappear can be preordered directly from Polyvinyl Records before its March 05 release date.

Image Credits: Photo by Lucy Sandler.



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