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Sunburned Hand of the Man Releases New Song & Reveals Upcoming Album


Free Rock isn’t a sub genre we get to see too often anymore. It’s a shame because within it there’s plenty of gems that sparkle with a free flowing sound that cannot be denied. One of the few bands that keeps delivering though is Sunburned Hand of the Man. The group returned in 2019 and to prove that wasn’t a one time thing they’ve just announced a new album Pick A Day to Die coming in March. To celebrate the news the band has shared the expansive and ever moving new song “Flex.”


The tribal tones of the song that open things up offers a glimpse into the weirdo goodness of the genre. The pedal work against the electronic spaces and live drums offer up swells of guitar notes to the free rock gods. The mystical sounds created here are certainly freeing, astray from the closed minded hipster ideals of what’s worth digging into and what isn’t. Is it freedom in a world of closed off pathways or just your mind becoming expanded by the off kilter jams that are coming forward? Were those vocals being hushed into the mic if not for just a few seconds? Keep listening and find out if you can get to the other side of this free flow jam of heightened sound.

Feel free to stream the song above as much as you’d like. Pick A Day to Die is available for preorder from Three Lobed Recordings ahead of its March 12 release.

Image Credits: Photo by Sarah Gibbons.

David Garrick

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