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New Miss Grit Single is Luxuriously Expansive


When we were first introduced to the music of Miss Grit, we were blown away at how immersive and wondrous it was. Her mixture of powerful vocals and expansive tones delivers a sound that feels bigger than a lot of what you may be used to. With her new Impostor EP coming in February she’s offered up the title track, and “Impostor” delivers a crisp sound that’s refreshing and inviting.

The sound here is immediate and spends little time before the driving rhythm of the song takes off. The melodic keys that intertwine with the squealing guitar and depth infused drums create a crisp sound. There’s a magical balance with the vocals in their tone, sounding like they’re swaddled with care as they roll with varying echoes of timbre. The overall affect transports the listener into a space that’s as easy going and uplifting as it is expansive.

“Impostor” can be heard above or wherever you stream music. The Impostor EP is available for preorder from all digital outlets or it can be presaved from all streaming services before its February 05 release.

Image Credits: Photo by Natasha Wilson.



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