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Sarah Mary Chadwick Looks Inward on New Single


The music of Sarah Mary Chadwick is sprinkled with personal choices. Some good, some not so good; yet the emotional weight of those choices rings through in each emotionally stained note. Ahead of her new album Me & Ennui Are Friends, Baby the Melbourne based singer songwriter delivers more emotionally charged sounds on her latest single “Full Mood.”

The delicate yet bold piano that opens the song gives way to the heaviness of the song. As Chadwick’s decorated and emotional vocals come in, they feel as if the singer songwriter is singing to someone she can’t get a hold of. The song spells out the phrasing of love in a way that feels of the moment while Chadwick’s voice sounds more narrative. The video shot in New York City features two partners living in the moment with Chadwick as a character witnessing their love in all of its splendor.

The video can be seen above or wherever you stream videos. “Full Mood” can be heard on all streaming platforms. Me & Ennui Are Friends, Baby is available to preorder from Ba Da Bing Records ahead of its February 05 release. Sarah Mary Chadwick is set to perform at Malthouse Theatre in Melbourne, Australia on January 27.

Image Credits: Darren Sylvester.



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