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Glitterer Reveals Searing New Single


When Title Fight was gong strong, Ned Russin was an integral part of the puzzle. Under Glitterer, he brings some of that fevered energy to his sound. With a new album Life Is Not A Lesson coming in February, Glitterer has revealed a sound that’s more focused an terse while evoking some of what made up the sound of their debut. Their new single “Didn’t Want It” has plenty of energy and a catchy hook that’s hard to dislike.

The driving sound of the clunky bass and the searing guitar mixes well with Russin’s yelling vocals. With a more nineties tone, the song sways across grunge touches without copping the sound completely. The additional keys add a nice touch and melody before things end as quickly as they began.

The animated lyric video can be viewed above. “Didn’t Want It” is available to hear on all streaming platforms. Life Is Not A Lesson is available on multiple formats from Anti Records ahead of its February 26 release. Glitterer is set to appear at Ace of Cups in Columbus, OH on September 08.

Image Credits: Photo by Farrah Skelky.



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