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Introduce Yourself to the Music of Lydia Luce


In music sometimes, an artist can be considered a saving grace for those around them. When you’re a multi-instrumentalist, you’re definitely on a list of short names that get requested for sessions and tours. While Nashville’s Lydia Luce has been that go to artist for acts like Dolly Parton to Eminem, her solo work is where the true sorcery lies. Her debut album Azalea opened people’s eyes to her hearty mix of chamber pop and catchy hooks, but like all great singer songwriters, her journey as a solo artist has just begun. Her new album Dark River due in February should enlighten others to her catchy and massive sound, and her new single “All The Time” is a great place to experience her music.

The song is big in terms of sound, so much so that you can’t not notice it. This is not from over production but rather just what Luce brings to her music. Opening with a gentle and calming vocal, the tones fall on your ears with ease between the strumming and the orchestral touches. The build here offers a calm before the storm as when the song hits, it hits big. The pace is picked up and Luce is off to the races. Her vocals become grander and the music is not only larger but it’s hook filled as well. The choral vocals add to the weight while the stop motion animated video pairs perfectly with the range of the song.

The video can be viewed above or on YouTube. The song “All The Time” can be heard wherever you stream music. Dark River is ready to presave or preorder in all digital outlets via Tone Tree Music.

Image Credits: Photo by Alysse Gafkjen.

David Garrick

David Garrick has spent the last five years interviewing some of the most intriguing and engaging artists performing today. Everyone from Angel Olsen to Phoebe Bridgers, Wire to Yo La Tengo, Snail Mail to Soccer Mommy, Ghost to First Aid Kit, The Breeders to Protomartyr, and many more. He's a giant fan of music of pretty much any genre; but especially to the underdogs. He's been known to see more concerts in a week than many people will see in a year.


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