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Buck Meek Swoons with Swagger on Two Saviors


Texas’ Buck Meek may be the guitarist for the band Big Thief, but as a solo artist he brings so much more to the table. Mixing in southern charm with twang induced guitar, his swaying demeanor alone should be enough to lead anyone towards his music. On his new solo album Two Saviors the singer songwriter leaves it all on the table while holding your attention throughout the release from beginning to end.


The opening notes of “Pareidolia” offer a mixture of folk touched pacing and a grand entrance for the album. The lush notes that flow throughout underneath Meek’s vocals have hints of delicacy and road weary vocals that are strewn together with an ease that grabs a hold of your ears. That gazed upon sound trickles in on “Candle” where Meek intertwines organ and brushed drums with a pedal steel to meander into your senses only to never leave. There’s a lot here on the album, Meek tip toes through gentle songwriting and well placed arrangements.

On “Two Saviors” he keeps things close to his chest while inviting you into a tender space. For “Dream Daughter” he offers a mystique hearty sound where he flows between singing into the future and delicately soothing you with his earnest vocals. With “Cannonball Pt. 2” he ticks things up and really puts his feet into the floor boards and opens up to a song full of down home tones. In fact on the latter the song has these backing vocals that make the track feel closer to something where everyone available was on hand to play.

But between the gentle notes of “Pocketknife” and the closing song “Halo Light,” Meek sashays along a road that few travel. Offering songs that feel organic like those that have been around for a while, maybe meant for someone but never delivered. Or perhaps the king that are savored for when the right people appear to join in. Of the eleven songs the favorite came on “Second Sight.” The jangled mix of instruments hop on and off like guests popping in to say hi before popping back out. The drum kit sounds like it’s in the corner while the swell of group vocals blend well with Meek’s to deliver a song that just feels great. Like that trusty pair of jeans someone told you to throw out, the good outweighs everything else. That’s how this album is, it feel good from open to close. Buck Meek is forging his own path here and you can hear it on every song.

Two Saviors is available to purchase on various formats from Keeled Scales. A limited edition clear smoke vinyl can also be purchased here. It’s also available to stream on all streaming sites or it can be purchased in all digital outlets.

Image Credits: Photo by Josh Goleman.

David Garrick

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