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Neil Young Announces Live Album & Film, Shares Live Song


Neil Young is definitely offering up the goods as of late. Between reissues and unreleased material, Young has been on a tear offering up gems and rare pressings for the masses. Now he’s ready to reveal an unheard set from 1990 with a live album from Neil Young, Crazy Horse. On Way Down In the Rust Bucket, the band offers a blistering performance that will delight fans of Young and of the band. Coming to vinyl and DVD, the show lets fans hear songs from Ragged Glory and so much more. To celebrate he’s released “Country Home-Live” and it gives a bit of introspection on the craziness of the performance.

The album and DVD track listing are below:
1. Country Home
2. Surfer Joe and Moe the Sleaze
3. Love to Burn
4. Days That Used to Be
5. Bite the Bullet
6. Cinnamon Girl
7. Farmer John
#. Cowgirl In The Sand (exclusive to the DVD ONLY)
8. Over and Over
9. Danger Bird
10. Don’t Cry No Tears
11. Sedan Delivery
12. Roll Another Number (For the Road)
13. Fuckin’ Up
14. T-Bone
15. Homegrown
16. Mansion on the Hill
17. Like a Hurricane
18. Love and Only Love
19. Cortez the Killer
The song is ready to stream above or wherever you listen to music. The album and DVD are available to preorder from Warner Records/Reprise Records in various formats including a box set before its February 26 release.

Image Credits: Photo by Henry Diltz.



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