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Sheer Mag Rips on New Song “Crushed Velvet”


There are times when you wonder what a band is up to and then you become surprised to learn that they have new music out. That’s how we felt when we learned that Philadelphia’s Sheer Mag had a new song out on the HULU film The Ultimate Playlist of Noise. Though the film hasn’t been released yet, the song has and it’s definitely a doozy.

The full throttled rock tones of the band are in full force here. With that swagger heavy guitar and the vocals coming in at eleven. Swaying into the rock pantheon with ease, the band rips through riffs with powerful lead vocals and wonderful backing vocals. The sound is big but done in the seventies touched way that the group brings to all of their music.

The song can be heard on all streaming platforms or above. Sheer Mag’s last release A Distant Call can be purchased in various formats here. Sheer Mag is set to appear at FEST 2021 in Gainesville, FL on October 29-31.

Image Credits: Photo by Marie Lin.



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