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Sleaford Mods Don’t Disappoint on New Album


Nottingham duo Sleaford Mods have always found a way to integrate hip hop touched electronic sound into their post punk structuring with ease. Traipsing between multiple genres, their sound is distinct in its British delivery making it their own. On their new full length Spare Ribs they expand upon what they’re known for while delivering upbeat sounds from beginning to end.


Where the opener “The Brick” has that frenzied energy that mixes electronic with just vocals is a trip, things really start bumping on “Shortcummings.” Leading with a gurgled bass line, the vocals have that under the mic feel without being silenced. It’s loose but it works here. Staying in tradition with how the duo constructs songs it doesn’t stray. The more full sound however begins on “Nudge It (feat Amy Taylor)” where things begin to open up. The song has such a British feel that its unmistakable as to who its by.

“Out There” continues the loosened structuring by rolling in low and slow while “Top Room” gives listeners a more jam heavy tune. The beat alone is enough to draw you in but it gets met with on the mic skills that feel like you’re there as they’re recorded. The catchy sounds of “Mork N Mindy (feat Billy Nomates)” keeps things bopping and interesting, but of the thirteen songs “I Don’t Rate You” is the favorite. The squealing and distorted sounds within mix well with the gang vocals. The beat is simple but works as the song weazes along with fevered importance and keeps you bopping along. The album is diverse in terms of construction and sound, yet it works within the duo’s palette.

Spare Ribs is available to purchase in various formats and bundles from Rough Trade. It can also be found in all online music retailers or it can be streamed wherever you stream music. Sleaford Mods will be on tour starting November 17 in Manchester, GB at Manchester Academy until December 03 at The Dome in Brighton, GB. Their tour dates can be found here.

Image Credits: Photo by Simon Parfrement.

David Garrick

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