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Soak Up The Indie Rock Beauty of Subsonic Eye


With new music, there’s always a chance that you won’t hear a new album. There’s so much that comes out on a given day that you can’t get to everything. Couple in artists from other parts of the globe and you’re certain to miss new music. While you more than likely have never heard of Singapore’s Subsonic Eye, they’re a band that you should keep an eye on. For their latest full length Nature of Things the five piece delivers jangled and catchy indie rock that’s too good to miss out on.


The opening track “Consumer Blues” sets the stage for what the five piece can do. Melodic with carefree vocals, the balance between the two creates a sound that draws your attention as soon as it begins. This flows over into the following song “Cabin Fever.” With de-tuned noise elements at the front, things turn around quickly with an upbeat pacing. The gentle vocals stay with you as soon as they begin as the band offers up a catchy and hook filled sound. That jangle comes in handy on “Animinimism.” The stride of the song is more chill but holds indie rock structures well as the song’s composition creates natural hooks.

Where “Spiral” has more of a driving and happy-go-lucky sound and “Kaka the Cat” holds little sounds that remind you of early Weezer without large lifts, the album has an endearing tone from start to finish. And even as we like the closing song “Unearth” we found the song “Fruitcake” to be the best of the release. Melodic fingering on the stop start guitar mixed with pedal fuzz and these uplifting vocals deliver the catchiest song of the album. It stays with you as you bop along, knowing you just found another album you can truly adore.

Nature of Things is available to purchase in physical and digital formats directly from Middle Class Cigars. It’s also available to buy in all digital music stores or to stream on all platforms.

Image Credits: Photo Courtesy of Middle Class Cigars.



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