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Adult Mom Reveals New Album Details & Delivers New Song


After an issue with their former label, Adult Mom has landed at Epitaph Records. The project has always offered up these well crated songs that swell in tone bathed touches intertwining with vocals that feel very personal. Now they’ve announced an upcoming full length titled Driver due in March and the lead single “Sober” brings more passionate tones alongside an animated video that’s just as engaging.

Opening with just vocals and keys, the song immediately strikes your ears with straightforward honesty. Sounding like a personal account, the beat plays beneath the keys while adding weight to the track. The hook comes in the bridge as the vocals wobble a bit and lend themselves to an even catchier tone. While the animated video offers a nice visual to go with the song, it’s the song that stays with you. Mixing earnest sounds with an upbeat pacing, it all works and gets you excited to hear the upcoming album.

The video is available to watch above or on YouTube. “Sober” can be heard on all streaming sites. Driver is ready to preorder on various formats and bundles from Epitaph Records ahead of its March 05 release.

Image Credits: Photo by Daniel Dorsa.



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