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Baby Boys Return with Two New Songs


It’s been a couple of years since we’ve heard new music from Minnesota trio Baby Boys. Creating weird pop sounds in a nonlinear fashion, the three piece mixes genres with ease while delivering well crafted songs in the process. While their music is off beat in some ways, it’s difficult to walk away in other ways. On their two new singles “Cannonball” and “Duke and the Cash” they keep things weird with two odd videos that compliment their style.

“Cannonball” has this tropicalia based opening, rhythmic and full of chill vibes. The dual vocals keep that relaxed style going while the song is full of pop touches. The song sways between pop sub genres without losing your attention, proving their craft is on point in many ways. The video featuring a roller blader fits in line with the imagery the trio is known for.

On “Duke and the Cash” a  man sings along to the track in the mirror. Aside from his shirtless visage, his dancing fits perfectly with the neo disco meets vapor wave sounds. The lyrics come quick and stay in pace with the tempo of the upbeat song. The manipulated vocals that mix with the regular ones add an odd tone, but it works with the band’s style.

Both videos can be viewed above or on YouTube. Both songs can be streamed on all streaming platforms or purchased in all digital outlets. They can also be purchased directly from Grand Jury Music. Baby Boys will appear at Paradiso in Amsterdam, Netherlands on February 25.

Image Credits: Photo by Graham Tolbert.

David Garrick

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