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Liberty & Justice Delivers Hard Hitting New Single

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Punk music is as varied as any other genre, no matter who you ask. In the veins of what makes punk music great is the unity between the youth and the guise against authority. In cities throughout the world there are punk bands starting up just because someone advised not to. With Houston’s Liberty & Justice though, their was no advice prior to their formation. The Oi punk five piece has never shied away from unity within their diverse community while delivering some of the best punk music we’ve heard in years. Now with a new full length Pressure coming in Spring, their latest single and lyric video “Sin for Sin” hits as hard as you’d expect.

Though there’s surprises here too. Featuring the horn section from ska punk band Los Skarnales, there’s more here than the typical punk song. While the punk sounds are present, there’s more depth here. Between the vocals of Ryan Taylor and the band’s hard hitting sections, there’s hooks from beginning to end. The backing vocals and group vocals add to the weight while the message of the track shouldn’t be lost on anyone. The overall tone makes you get excited for what the full length will ultimately sound like. This is Liberty & Justice at their best so far.

The video is ready to view above or on YouTube. The song will appear on the band’s sophomore release Pressure coming later this Spring on Contra Records in Europe and on Death Exclamations! in the US.

Image Credits: Photo Courtesy of Artist.

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  • January 22, 2021 at 12:09 pm

    Awesome sound! Love it!


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