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Baby Boys Reveal New Song & New Album Announce


Minnesota’s Baby Boys create music in their own way. Essentially making sounds that fall closer to hip hop than anything else, their quirky tones deliver a sound that’s hard to steer clear of without enjoying. Now they’re announcing a new album Threesome coming in March, their lead single “Gone” offers up a glimpse into what the debut full length will sound like.

The track has a very catchy opening, the kind that stays with you after you hear it. The vocals have a group sound complete with auto-tuned sections. The pacing of the song is pure pop bliss while still sounding far and away from traditional pop music. The focus here is on how upbeat and immediate the song is, grabbing your ears and never letting go with falsetto vocals blended with softer sections as well. The video appears to be shot on VHS which works well with the imagery of the band on a farm as they drop rhymes.

The video can be viewed above or on YouTube. The song is ready to stream on all streaming sites. Threesome can be preordered directly from Grand Jury Music ahead of its release on March 12.

Image Credits: Photo by Muriel Margaret.



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