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Brijean Drops New Bop & Animated Video


Oakland duo Brijean is definitely heating things up as of late. With their new album Feelings coming in a few weeks, they’ve revealed plenty of great songs prior. Now they’ve just dropped another bop with “Hey Boy” and the attached video is animated by Brijean Murphy herself.

The percussive heavy opening gets met with sprinkles of synths and keys. The vocals come in offering an unassuming vibe. The track is immediate and it gets you bopping your head. Stabs of keys offer plenty of extra hooks while the stride of the song flows like water from a stream. The animated video has a cute sensibility to it. With multiple layers between a snake coming to life, a puppy in a pocket and falling apples, it offers a visual as engaging as the song.

The video is ready to stream above or on YouTube. The song can be streamed on all DSPs. Feelings is available for preorder ahead of its February 26 release from Ghostly International

Image Credits: Photo by Jack Bool.



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