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Alex Lahey & Gordi Team Up on New Single


Australian artists Alex Lahey and Gordi both have their own sounds and their own touches that make both artists music wonderful. While they both come from the same space and they’re on the same label they’ve never teamed up on music before. That changes today with a new collaborative single “Dino’s.” While the new song displays the powers each brings to the table their new video shows togetherness in a beautiful way.

The joyous and upbeat stride of the song means that the vocals are immediately in your head. The mix of the drums and the piano blend well with the vocals and the guitar. The ending sound gives way to a sound that’s expansive and full of beautiful notes. The blend of the two artists works well together in  such a way that you wonder why it hasn’t hppened until now. The video has both artists in different roles spending moments together and apart between a similar narrative from two others who happen to be falling in love.

The video can be seen above or on YouTube. “Dino’s” is ready to hear on all streaming platforms or it can be purchased in all digital music stores via Jagjaguwar Records.

Image Credits: Photo by Nick Mck.



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