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New Glitterer Single Has New Sound


Ned Russin of Title Fight has covered a lot of ground since the band suspended operations. Under his new project Glitterer he’s developed into a solid solo act while forging his own path on his own terms. With a new album Life Is Not A Lesson coming in a few weeks, his new single by the same name is another glimpse into the upcoming album.

While the video shows tracing an image on the beach, the song is a new sound from the group. Soaked in electronic tones the vocals come in with a more distanced sound. The tension between the build up of the song and the vocal harmonies is pretty wondrous. The simple structure of the song means that the words stay with you and they’re difficult to shake. The keys that roll in offer an off beat melody that works as the song slowly begins to stick in your head with each note played.

The video is ready to stream above or on YouTube. The song can be listened to on all streaming sites. Life Is Not A Lesson can be preordered from Anti Records before it drops on February 26. Glitterer will appear at Ace of Cups in Columbus, OH on September 08.

Image Credits: Photo by Farrah Skeiky.

David Garrick

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