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Angel Du$t Releases New Remix E.P.


Baltimore’s Angel Du$t is definitely a band up for new things. Away from their last EP LIL HOUSE from last year, the band has taken a song from the release and given it a second life. The song “Never Ending Game” has now been released as a remix EP with the original track plus a remix by Panda Bear and a remix by Lunice.

The original song has its easy going and happy go lucky tones. The Panda Bear remix reimagines the song with a more chillwave sound. The vocals have a more relaxed feel and are slowed down a bit. This version has a sound that’s a bit of a throw back, with an almost crooner quality to it. For the remix by Lunice the song takes on a more break beat style. The electronica textures give it hints of techno and house together as the vocals are separated here to create a whole new sound for the band.

The EP is available to stream on all sites or it can be purchased digitally in all digital music stores via Roadrunner Records.

Image Credits: Photo Courtesy of Roadrunner Records.



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