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Mogwai Drops New Song Before Album Drops Friday


Few artists define post rock as well as Scotland’s Mogwai. While it’s been four years since their last full length, the four piece has signaled their return with a new album coming this Friday. While the singles from As The Love Continues have been expansive and evocative, they haven’t steered too far from what the band is known for. On their latest “Pat Stains” they tap saxophonist Colin Stetson to grow the depth of the track.

Falling under the seven minute mark by just a few hairs, the song opens with each note played. Soft guitars and drums at the front, growing in expansive tones and flowing into a scale that’s difficult to walk away from. The build here is where the magic lies. There’s a swirl of instrumentation that comes in and never relents. When the explosiveness ticks off, the song grows into a flurry of sound and massive tension released.

The song can be heard above or on all streaming platforms. As The Love Continues is available for preorder directly from Temporary Residence ahead of its February 19 release. 

Image Credits: Photo by Anthony Crook.



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