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Iceage Announces New Album & Releases New Single


Iceage has always been a band that holds power in their music. After releasing a new single and announcing their signing to Mexican Summer, they proved that none of the power in their music has gone away. Now they’ve announced a new album Seek Shelter due in May. To celebrate the announcement, they’ve shared an epic new song “Vendetta” with an equally intriguing video.

With a rhythmic opening, the song already unleashes the attitude from the band that you want. The vocals pop above the music with a bit of sneer, holding that mix of alt rock and attitude based magic that the band brings to their music. The video featuring a man seeming to live multiple lives has snippets of the band performing. As if the band is the soundtrack for his bad decisions, it works perfectly between the music with the visuals appearing to be lust filled in the least.

The video is ready to watch above or on YouTube. “Vendetta” can be heard on all streaming platforms. Seek Shelter is available for preorder directly from Mexican Summer ahead of its May 07 release date. 

Image Credits: Photo by Fryd Frydendahl.



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