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New Live Album by Anya Marina Stuns


A career in music has its ups and downs and certainly isn’t easy to sum up. When you look at an artist like New York’s Anya Marina, you wouldn’t consider that she could cover such an expanse in time with one show. Which may be why her new live album Live and Alone in New York was recorded over two days. Ten songs, seventeen if you count the tales behind many of them, the album is a captivating glimpse into the entertaining live show that Marina creates. The end result is one of an artist who has found herself through an empowering journey that spans across going from major label powerhouse to indie music juggernaut.

The opening track “Move You” from her 2008 album Slow & Steady Seduction: Part II comes across as tender and earnest. Using the acoustic guitar only, the vocals ring out with an honesty that begins the album with good graces and a fan favorite. This emotion continues throughout the album. On “Can’t Nobody Love You” offers a sweetness that stands underneath the vocals as a call to someone who hopefully knows the song is about them. The same could be said about the happy go lucky tone of “Clean and Sober.” The way that Marina holds the audience in the palm of her hands isn’t used against them but held in high regard.

This get exemplified by the intros to many of the songs. The laughter from the audience from the stories, the interaction between the tales behind the songs and the audience’s reaction to them shows the intimacy between Marina and her fans. Of the tracks on the album, many of which are reworked for this set our favorite came with “Queen of the Night.” One of the newer tracks from the set, there’s something magical and graceful that emotes from Marina’s voice as she sings out her emotions. The honesty of the song in its original form cannot be overshadowed, yet here it seems like you’re going through it all as she sings it.

Live and Alone in New York can be purchased digitally from Bandcamp as well as through other digital music retailers. The album is also available to stream on all streaming platforms.

Image Credits: Photo by Leonardo Mascaro.



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