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Matt Berninger Releases Tender New Song


Matt Berninger is more than just the lead singer for the band The National. With his latest solo album Serpentine Prison he proved that he could go well beyond what the Brooklyn band became known for. Now with a deluxe edition of Serpentine Prison coming in March he’s shared a new single off of it titled “Let It Be.”

The song is soft and slower moving. Not a ballad but tender in the same way. The acoustic lead song allows for Berninger’s vocals to settle in and become the true lead here. While the instrumentation is strong, the vocals are the focal point as they take center stage. The organ adds a nice touch while the keys that come in add a nice depth as well.

The lyric video can be watched above or on YouTube. The song can be heard on all streaming sites. The Deluxe Edition Serpentine Prison will be available digitally on March 12. The album is also available in multiple formats and bundles for preorder ahead of its May 21 release from Book Records.

Image Credits: Photo by Robert Rose.



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