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New Har Mar Superstar Song Feat. Kam Franklin & Jackie Venson is Soulful Magic


Sean Tillman aka Har Mar Superstar has always had the ability to create pop songs with more weight than many pop artists. His cache for soulful arrangements and texturized notes have given his music a sheen of beauty that’s not common. While he has a new album Roseville coming in early March, his music that’s been released so far shows incredible growth from where he began. On his latest single “Another Century” he utilizes the beautiful vocals of Kam Franklin of The Suffers and the guitar work of Jackie Venson to create a song that you can’t help but adore.

The guitar sounds of Venson play out among the magical vocals of Franklin to get the song going. You’re immediately taken back to that sixties seventies era when R&B and soul music ruled the world. Franklin’s vocals blend perfectly with the brass and that in the pocket sound that the band creates. While Franklin is the lead vocalist here, her voice meshes perfectly with Tillman’s to center in on a series of moments that shine like diamonds. When the song takes a more aggressive turn, the two voices make for magical tones while Venson shreds above it all.

“Another Century” is available to stream above. Roseville can be preordered ahead of its March 05 release in various bundles and formats from his web store

Image Credits: Photo by Graham Tolbert.



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