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Experience the Layered Sounds of Horsegirl


There’s a good chance that you’ve heard of Chicago trio Horsegirl. Lauded by critics for their layered sound and textural noise, the three piece is easily a group to watch who’s on the rise. Their release last month for the song “Ballroom Dance Scene” got more than enough traction. Now they not only have a new video for the song but they’re announcing an upcoming seven inch coming in early April.

The song takes its time getting going, building a continuous swell of tones. The vocals are a bit distanced which helps the building of the track. The way the backing vocals are added to the song creates a haunting sound where the backing voices create an alternate sound that makes for a more mystifying quality. As the energy of the song ticks up, the energy lets off an almost pensive energy. The video features what appears to be home movies while the chords for the song are on the screen for those who want to learn them.

The video can be watched above. The song is ready to stream on all streaming sites. The “Ballroom Dance Scene” b/w “Sea Life Sandwich Boy” seven inch is available for preorder from Sonic Cathedral ahead of its April 02 release.

Image Credits: Photo Courtesy of Artist.



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