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Guided By Voices Announce New Album & Share New Song


In the grand scope of a band like Guided By Voices, it’s hard to believe that they could release an album of “rejected songs.” With three full length albums that were released last year alone, the concept of an outtakes album seems foreign from such a prolific group. However with that the new album Earth Man Blues will see the light of day in late April. The lead single “Free Agents” doesn’t have the sound of a reject but rather another song that relies heavily on the classic GBV sound.

The song hits from the jump with Pollard’s vocals starting alongside the guitar and drums. While his vocals have a doubled sound, it works with the catchy and upbeat sound of the song. The hooks flow like wine and there’s plenty of depth to the song even with a two minute run time. There’s even these what sound like drum machines feeding beats in as the song plays out.

“Free Agents” can be heard above or wherever you stream music. Earth Man Blues can be preordered on varying formats directly from Rockathon Records before its April 30 release date.

Image Credits: Photo Courtesy of Tell All Your Friends.



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