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Tex Crick Unveils New Single


Australia’s Tex Crick certainly knows how to create music that sounds like its steeped in another era. Crick has the ability to draw upon a sound that’s lead by piano and heads into a time when soft sounds were more common. With his new album Live In… New York City,Crick should impress anyone who’s a fan of laid back tunes. On his new single “Peaches & Cream” he continues to offer up a chill sound while the video matches the music perfectly.

The song is ultra-chill. Lead by brush stroked drums and piano, Crick pulls in a moderate leveled vocal that pairs well with the laid back sound of the song. Upbeat but not pop, the track is much like the seventies when piano lead singer songwriters ruled the world. The video features Crick traveling within the big city on the hunt for great peaches and cream. Whether sleeping on the street or using the window of a Ferrari to comb his hair, the video is comical in a quirky way.

The video can be viewed above or on YouTube. The song is ready to stream on all services. Live In… New York City can be preordered from Mac’s Record Label ahead of its March 26 release.

Image Credits: Still Courtesy of Artist.



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