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Baby Boys Drops New Song & Announce Livestream


Minnesota’s Baby Boys create the kind of music that’s essentially genre-less. Three producers and multi-instrumentalists, the band falls somewhere between alt pop and hip hop infused indie pop. However those markers aren’t what makes their sound work, but rather the intriguing nature of it all. Their debut album Threesome is coming in March and their new single “Desperado” is pretty engaging, even with an odd video in tow.

The immediacy to the song cannot be ignored. With synth clusters coming in to meet the strayed sounds, the vocals roll along with a bop in its pacing. The distanced sounds that deter the track from being a typical bop help define it as something else. The moments that are catchy as just that and difficult to ignore. The video of mice inspecting a dwelling is odd but on par with the videos the band has already released.

Feel free to stream the video above. Stream “Desperado” on all streaming platforms. Preorder Threesome directly from Grand Jury Music before its March 12 release. Catch the band via live-stream from the Mall of Americas on March 25 here for free with RSVP.

Image Credits: Photo by Muriel Margaret.



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