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Julien Baker Delivers New Song & Lyric Video


As Julien Baker‘s new album Little Oblivions inches closer to release, fans should note the songwriting that’s been in each of the singles. Stronger and more defined, Baker has taken large steps here in terms of presentation and arrangements. On her latest single “Heatwave” the singer songwriter goes into a sound that feels deeper and more intuitive while the lyric video displays the emotions in a visual manner.

The song heads into a deep path from the start. The swaying guitar tones pair well with Baker’s soft vocals. The pacing of the song feels up as the vocals tell a different tale. However the chorus picks up and lifts with hearty instrumentation, stripping away the personal feel of the verse. There’s a weight here that’s hard to explain, just that the song feels like it’s steps away from exploding. When the build breaks it hits with a heavy intensity, showing off Baker’s vocals and her arranging on a level higher than most.

The video is ready to watch above. The song can be streamed on all streaming sites. Little Oblivions can be preordered directly from Matador Records before its February 26 release. Julien Baker will perform via livestream on March 25. Tickets can be purchased from Audiotree.

Image Credits: Photo by Alysse Gafkjen.



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