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Paul Weller Announces New Album & Drops New Song


Paul Weller has come a long way since his days with The Jam. A solo artist with tons of accolades, Weller has always been a few steps ahead of tradition in his music. Now with a new album Fat Pop (Volume 1) announced for release in May, he’s revealed a new single “Cosmic Fringes” that sets its own standard. Accompanied by an acid dipped video, Weller sounds better than he has in years here showing he still has some tricks up his sleeve.

With an electronic sound at the opening, the rock still lives here. The guitar and the bass meet the drums in a futuristic sound. Touching on what bands like Devo did to a degree, the song has a now feel to it. The distorted notes from the two guitars match well with Weller’s vocals for the upbeat paced track. However as electronic as it sounds at times, it’s still a rock song at heart. The black and white video holds flashes of the band performing, hazing between the light and the dark.

The video is ready to watch above or on YouTube. The song is ready to stream wherever you stream music. Fat Pop (Volume 1) is available for preorder in various formats and bundles directly from Polydor Records ahead of its May 14 release.

Image Credits: Photo Courtesy of Press.



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