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Spoon Releases Demo to Celebrate Girls Can Tell 20th Anniversary


When the Spoon album Girls Can Tell was originally released, it marked a long period from the band. Self-recorded after arduous sessions, the band seemed to land on the feet after being released from their major label deal. While this album marks a turn for the band, now that it’s celebrating its 20th anniversary, they’re revealing a demo that was 30 minutes old when it was recorded. The demo for “Lines in the Suit” shows the depth of the song already in tact before it was changed to better fit the album.

The acoustic lead version here already has that vocal opening that helped make the song so popular. A bit slower than the album version, the secondary guitar rings through here as do the hooks. You can hear the song is fairly laid out here. The falsetto from Britt Daniels with a dual vocal in points is wonderful. It’s really fleshed out here, showing how strong the band’s music is in its rawest forms.

The demo can be heard above. The newly recut from the original masters version of Girls Can Tell is available now through Matador Records on various formats. 

Image Credits: Photo Courtesy of Matador Records.



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