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William Goldsmith of SDRE Announces New Project Assertion


Names can be just that sometimes. However occasionally you come across a name and it’s so much more. William Goldsmith, the founding drummer for Sunny Day Real Estate and The Fire Theft as well as the original drummer for The Foo Fighters is back with a new band. The band’s name is Assertion and they not only have announced a debut album Intermission coming in April but they’ve shared an immense new single “Supervised Suffering.”

The song opens with a melodic guitar that meets Goldsmith’s signature drumming. The vocals roll in with an ease underneath the rock structure of the song. With emo touches, the track isn’t essentially emo but more indie rock in its presentation. The distortion kicks in and pairs with the howling of the vocals, keeping a snappy stride. There’s a lot here between the breaks in the song graced by the structure of the guitar that makes the song have an immediacy.

The song can be streamed above or on all streaming sites. Intermission is available for preorder directly from Spartan Records ahead of its April 19 release. 

Image Credits: Photo by Jake Gravbrot.



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