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Brijean Drops Tropicalia Infused Song Off New Album


Oakland duo Brijean create some of the most groove heavy music you can hear. While their new album Feelings was released last Friday, one of the songs off the album “Wifi Beach” caught our attention. With its Tropicalia rhythms and funky bop sound, the song is easily one of the most dizzying and engaging songs you can hear at the moment. Add to that their color popping new video and you have a recipe for head bopping magic.

The song pops from the start. With a rhythmic sound that hits on all cylinders, the mix of congas and keys compliment the vocals perfectly. The song has a deep grove that moves at a quick pace while sprinkles of synths dance on and off the track. The video for the song is popping with colors from beginning to end. This use of colors pairs with the colorful vibes of the song perfectly, giving you visual for the wondrous sounds that get you bopping along.

The video can be viewed above or on YouTube. Feelings is available directly from Ghostly International. The album is also available to purchase in all digital outlets or to stream on all streaming sites.

Image Credits: Photo by Nathan Castiel.



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