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Glitterer Mixes Things Up For New Full Length


Glitterer is a project that can go anywhere Ned Russin of Title Fight wants to take it. With an expansive library of elements at his disposal, where he took Gitterer for their second album was boundless. However on Life Is Not A Lesson he expands and gives more guitars, more jangled notes and a more accessible version of the group. Gone are the wavering electronic notes of the debut and they’re replaced with a synth infused sound that takes rock music and places it on its ear.


The album opener “Bodies” is flaked with a more punkish tone. The drums snapping, the gutteral guitar and the distanced vocals offer a heavier sound than you may have expected. However, the album moves on with “Are You Sure?” where Russin keeps things melodic in the phase of squealing guitars. There’s a disaffected tonal quality to the song, almost signalling a turn in attitude. The song is in the pocket and steers the ship into a more fuzz rock direction. Even with added instruments, “Little Backward Glance” keeps this feel going. The distortion heavy sound is in its own lane with the vocals out in the front of the mix.

But Glitterer still infuses synths on this album. “How a Song Should Go” offers them up at the front of the song with vocals as the secondary factor. The attitude is the same yet it’s dark synths here without the catchy upbeat stride. “Didn’t Want It” still has the guitar soaked sounds but at a spacing that feels more like that of a group rather than a solo effort. “I Made the Call” intertwines the elements of synths and guitar haze together perfectly as well. However of the twelve track “Fire” was the favorite. The inclusion of dream pop synths alongside punk vocals and a driving bass line offers up a sound like no one else, placing Glitterer in their own lane.

Life Is Not A Lesson is available directly from Anti Records. It can also be purchased in all digital music stores or streamed on all streaming platforms. Glitterer will perform at Ace of Cups in Columbus, OH on September 08.

Image Credits: Photo by Farrah Skelky.

David Garrick

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