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Al Riggs Unleashes New Single


Al Riggs offers an honest side to country music. The Durham artist doesn’t shy from honesty within their music nor do they utilize any studio trickery. What you get is a sound that feels in the moment that you can sink your teeth into. With a new album I Got A Big Electric Fan To Keep Me Cool While I Sleep coming in April, Riggs’ latest single “Emo Revival” is their best one from the album yet.


The sway of instruments that sprinkle in at the beginning offer a soft start to the song. The hook is there already while the vocals from Riggs pull you closer as they sing. There’s an honesty in the softness here, almost as if life is dependent on that ideal. The mix of piano and the brushed drums help keep the pace engaging before the song starts blossoming. There’s a lot here that flows together showing off the instrumentation power that Riggs brings to their music. The backing vocals help add weight to the song before Riggs brings the track home with wondrous arrangements. The end result is a song that’s more than the sum of its parts while holding your ears throughout.

The song can be heard above or on Bandcamp. I Got A Big Electric Fan To Keep Me Cool While I Sleep is available for preorder directly from Horse Complex Records before its April 02 release.

Image Credits: Photo by Areon Mobasher.



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