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Floatie Offers Up Intriguing New Single


Sometimes indie rock can be quirky which is typically what makes for the best music from the genre. Chicago’s Floatie doesn’t hesitate to create quirky and intriguing songs. While their debut album Voyage Out is set for release later this month, their new single “Shiny” offers up its own sound while keeping you glued as to what will come next.

While the opening of the song represents the band’s off kilter sound, it’s not as if it can be defined. The plunky guitar that plays against the soft vocals weaves its way into a new groove almost as quickly as it begins. This steers closer into a math rock sound ahead of returning to a traditional indie rock tone. The song twists a bit, staying away from the usual without sounding weird. The instrumentation swags between various structures while keeping its own motor going to fuel this deceptively different sound together. It’s different in a good way as well as catchy in the best way as well.

The single can be heard above. Voyage Out is available digitally on March 26. Cassettes can be preordered from Exploding In Sound ahead of its March 26 release while vinyls can be preordered before their May 19 release.

Image Credits: Photo by Ash Dye.

David Garrick

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