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Perfume Genius Shares A.G. Cook Remix of “Describe”


Last year when Perfume Genius released the album Set My Heart On Fire Immediately we were blown away at how beautifully it was crafted. His more realized work to date, it cemented the artist as a bigger force in music than ever before. Now with his upcoming release Immediately Remixes coming soon, he’s revealed a new remix of “Describe” by A.G. Cook. What you get is a completely reimagined sound from the producer in how you hear the song.

The song has a more house based sound. Upbeat and with new sparkles of sound added, it’s like a whole new song in terms of sound and experience. With the music above the vocals in the mix, the quick stride here focuses heavier on the beat. In a break the vocals are alone and they force your ears to them before the song picks up pace and head further into a more dance oriented tone. The video of two characters committing a robbery and being chased by the police morphs with the song when it slows down and lets the vocals breathe. The animation is as stunning as the reworked energy within the track itself.

The video can be watched above or on YouTube. The remix is available to stream on all streaming sites. Immediately Remixes is available to preorder digitally ahead of its March 12 release or to purchase in record stores when it gets released on June 12 via Matador Records.

Image Credits: Photo Courtesy of Matador Records.

David Garrick

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