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Stream a New Single by John Andrews and The Yawns


John Andrews & The Yawns make the kind of music you can just let seep in. The singer songwriter finds a way to get his music into your head without beating you up to do so. With a new album Cookbook just announced and coming in May, Andrews has also dropped a new song “New California Blue.” What you get is his laid back and mellow sound filled with arrangements that stay with you well after you hear it.

The song is relaxed like a great seventies a.m. radio track. The vocals have this dual feel to them as they hazily make their way onto the track. Met with an organ, the sound is chill without being sleepy. The magic within here is from the melodic nature of how the song is written and arranged. Offering these melodic notes from the keys, the hook gets in you and stays. The falsetto vocals that Andrews offers dances among the instruments and makes you keep the chorus in your head as soon as it plays. The video of Andrews performing and making his way between the beach and animation works perfectly with the relaxed mood of the song.

The video can be viewed above. The song is available to stream on all sites. Cookbook is available for preorder directly from Woodsist ahead of its May 14 delivery date.

Image Credits: Photo by Kayla Berridge.



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