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New Xiu Xiu Duets Single Features Angus Andrew of Liars


When Xiu Xiu announced their new album of duets OH NO we were definitely up for whatever the duo threw at us. The lead single “Bottle of Rum” showed us the rarely seen softer side of the band. If soft can actually come from the group that is. However on their latest single “Rumpus Room” the wilder side of the band comes through and through. Featuring Angus Andrew of the band Liars, this time the song and the accompanying video show off more of their raucous side.

The song has a unique ability to steer between wild moments and sparse delivery. The vocals are almost spoken word at the opening before noise elements find their way in. The bouncing measure between the two creates a remarkable energy that steers itself into your consciousness. The crazed tones however work well with a frenzied energy that never stops pulsating. The video looks like a wild party complete with snacks, costume wearing and plenty of dancing to the intense music from the song.

You can view the video above or stream the song on all streaming sites. OH NO is available for preorder directly from Polyvinyl Records on various formats and bundles before its March 26 release.

Image Credits: Photo by Julia Brokaw.



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