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Familiarize Yourself with Chad VanGaalen


Depending on what you listen to, there’s a good chance you aren’t familiar with the music of Canada’s Chad VanGaalen. While VanGaalen has been around for a minute and he has a new album World’s Most Stressed Out Gardener coming next week, his music is definitely its own thing. Having dropped the singles “Samurai Sword,” “Starlight” and “Where Is It All Going?” his latest single “Nightwaves” offers a distinctive sound that’s difficult to ignore.

VanGaalen mixes electronics with traditional instruments in a singer songwriter sort of way. While that’s not something far from how many artists perform, here it comes across as fresh and inventive. The happy sound of the opening of the track gets met with guitars and VanGaalen singing from a distanced space. It has a very outer worldly feel without being distanced. Almost in a spaced out way, the song hits with melody and precision. The harmonic touches between the vocals and the electronics pave way for the guitar to come in and add hooks for days. While the artist isn’t new to music, his approach here comes across as something new and exciting.

The song can be heard above or on all streaming sites. World’s Most Stressed Out Gardener can be preordered on various formats from Sub Pop or from Flemish Eye in Canada ahead of its March 19 release date. Chad VanGaalen is set to perform via livestream on April 08 on Noonchorus.

Image Credits: Photo by Sebastian Buzzalino.

David Garrick

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