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Tex Crick Discusses Writing Process, Recording & More


Australia’s Tex Crick first tickled our ears when we heard the lead single off of his upcoming album Live In… New York City. While the album isn’t out until next week, the fact that Crick’s music is so smooth and without any crazed structuring was a factor of our intrigue. Add to that well crafted arrangements and the fact that it was mixed by Mac DeMarco, and we wanted to know more about the singer songwriter. The album isn’t a live album, yet Crick found a way to play the bulk of the instruments himself while recording it all on an eight track analog machine. We reached out to talk about his writing process, how the album was made and what he has planned following its release.

Your music is chill and mellow, what led you in that direction over clamoring guitars and loud noises?

Haha… Maybe a reflection of my personality. I’m totally happy just being in the background. I’m not trying to cause a scene… I’ve played in plenty of loud bands. There’s a time and a place for clamor.

You have a distinct ability to arrange music in a way that’s distinctive to the genre, has that always been an ability you’ve had or was it learned over time?

It feels natural. But you know, I’m always learning. I wouldn’t consider myself to be particularly good at it. It’s more, I have an understanding of knowing what has to be done. Where and when. Not to overpower delicate moments. I hear the whole song in my head when I’m riffing an idea at the piano. Always just working towards the vision.

Australia is as diverse musically as it is in terms of landscape. What made you decide to write and record in New York City versus back home in Australia?

I was living in New York City at the time. I had a piano, 8-track recorder and some spare time, so it seemed like the right thing to do. Well actually, there were parts recorded in Australia too. My friend Miles played drums over the original recordings.

You utilized an eight track for this release. Was it used for the sonic elements that an eight track has or was it more out of what was on hand?

It’s just what I had. I love that 8-track, I take it everywhere. The whole album was recorded on it. We only used a computer to mix it. I don’t actually even own a computer. I’m borrowing one to answer these questions.

The album is coming out on Mac DeMarco’s record label. How’d you get the ear of Mac and how integral was he in the process of the album aside from mixing it?

I emailed the recordings around to some friends once I’d made a rough mix. Mac wrote back saying he’d be down to run the tracks through some of his gear and have a go at mixing it properly. He didn’t play on the record but definitely helped smooth out some of my sketchy recordings. The reverb on my voice is run through an echo chamber he’d built under his house. After mixing he offered to put it out through his label. I’m very grateful.

You performed much of the instruments yourself, does that hamper the ability to tour the album if and when we can get to having tours again?

Haha yeah… I’ve been trying not to think about it. I’ll have to get a band together I guess… I enjoy writing & recording a lot more than performing. I think it’ll be a while until I play any shows.

You’re currently stuck in Japan. How has being there shaped your worldview and do you know when you’ll be able to get back to the states?

Japan is beautiful.. I didn’t intend to stay this long, but a nice place to be at the moment. Looking forward to heading back to Australia before the U.S.A. It’s hard to say when that will be… but we’ll see.

Live In… New York City is available for preorder on various formats directly from Mac’s Record Label ahead of its March 26 release date. It will also be available to stream on all streaming sites or to purchase in all digital outlets including on Bandcamp.

Image Credits: Photo Courtesy of Artist.

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