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Lucinda Williams Reveals Stunning Sharon Van Etten Cover


When Sharon Van Etten revealed that there’d be a reissue of her album epic, she included the details of an accompanying album featuring the songs covered by a slew of artists. While we’ve already delivered the song covered by Big Red Machine and the song covered by IDLES, now we have the latest cover off of the double album epic Ten. For the cover of “Save Yourself” Lucinda Williams delivers the goods while placing her own stamp on the track in so many ways.

The warming tones of the band here deliver a calming space for Williams’ vocals to sit in. When she begins to sing her vocals give the song a bit of heft. The way in which she delivers the words has an emphasis on the resonance of the notes. In many ways she takes the track and gives it her own stamp while honoring the original. Between the band’s well crafted sound and Williams’ delivery here, the way the cover rolls out forces you to pay attention to the words. The end result is a stunning rendition of “Save Yourself” that echoes Van Etten’s words in a new light.

The cover can be heard above or on all streaming platforms. The double album epic Ten can be preordered on vinyl or compact disc directly from Ba Da Bing! Records ahead of its June 11 release or digitally before its April 16 release. Sharon Van Etten will be performing via live-stream at Zebulon to benefit the venue on April 16.

Image Credits: Photo by Danny Clinch.

David Garrick

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