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Matador Records Launches Revisionist History Podcast


For lovers of indie rock, Matador Records has been a staple for many of us since our teenage years. While it can be odd to see an album you remember being originally released hit the twenty year mark, the label has had many records reissued that deserved more acclaim the first time around. With their Revisionist History series, these albums have been given a retouch and repackage that they truly deserve. Now the label has launched a Revisionist History Podcast where the artists can explain more about the albums while digging deep into how they came to be originally.

The lead guest on the inaugural episode is Mary Timony whose album Mountains was recently reissued as part of the series. She gets joined by Lindsey Jordan of Snail Mail as well as indie rock icon Liz Phair as they discuss their first albums together. While it’s a known fact that Timony was Jordan’s guitar teacher in D.C. the artists delve deep into their pasts and discuss their debut releases and their favorite tracks from one another’s catalogs.

The episode is available to stream here in its entirety. Mountains 20th Anniversary Expanded Edition is available for purchase directly from Matador Records.

Image Credits: Photo by Brett Vapnek.



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